WBSADTE – Directorate of State Archives, Kolkata

WBSADTE refers to the West Bengal State Archives Directorate, which is an official governor of all the non-current records of the State Government. It is also considered as the special wing of Higher Education of the West Bengal State Government.

This Directorate of State Archives consists of the oldest repository of all pre-colonial, colonial an post-colonial records and all of its collections in bulk. It consists os Historical Sections in Kolkata in which the records are dealt dating back to 1758 and continuing back to 1900.

Apart from all of these general record series, WBSADTE possesses a special type of records which includes 1000 old maps approximately and also 42,000 of Photographic prints and Film Negatives. The interesting thing is that it also houses the intercepted letters, articles and original photographs of the Freedom Fighters.

This WBSADTE contains so many branches like different faculties for each and every type of record.

Those are Records Management, Conservation Unit, Reprography, Research Room, Reference Media, Certify Section, Training Courses, Library, Private Collection, Photo & Police Archives, Publication Unit, Exibhition Cell etc.

Administrative Structure of WBSADTE

The State Archives of West Bengal or WBSADTE functions under the Higher Education Department of West Bengal State Government. Its administrative structure consists of the following personnel.

  • Director
  • Deputy Director
  • Assistant Director
  • Chief Archivist
  • Archivist and Assistant Archivist
  • Microfilm Photographer assisted by Group B, Group C and Group D personnel.

This personnel are grouped under the Group-A Category where the personnel in Group – B&C will be categorised to develop the establishment and the personnel in Group – C&D are categorised to assist in the archival works.

The archival officers are recruited directly through the Public Service Commission of West Bengal State or WBPSC. These officers are recruited on the basis of written examination besides Viva-voce and Interview at the Final Stage. All of the Archival officers ever recruited are Post Graduate degree-holders in history.

Each and Every Assistant Archivists had to pass a departmental examination in two parts, on the technical aspects of Records Management and Archival Science within three years of probation.

The Assistant Archivists are promoted to the next higher grade also known as “Archivists” which is strictly conditional on completion of internationally recognized “One Year Diploma Course in Archives and Records Management” from the National Archives of India.

Activities of WBSADTE

WBSADTE or the West Bengal State Archives Directorate has so many activities to be performed through its functioning under the Higher Education Department of State Government.

  • Management of all Records.
  • Conservation – (i) Preservation and (ii) Reprography.
  • Preparation of reference media.
  • Scholar/User Service.
  • Publications.
  • Public Awareness Programmes like Exhibitions and Seminars.
  • Library Services throughout the state.
  • Training Courses on Conservation and Archives Administration.
  • Survey of Repositories to preserve the old and rare documents.

Collaborative Programme also organised by this WBSADTE such as Workshops/Seminars, Lending expertise for setting up of Archives in different institutions or Government Universities, Guidance for Dissertation and Research Projects.

The WBSADTE has re-augmented its applications in the changing needs of the time by infusing the modern technology through IT intervention. It already owns enough numbers of Computers with basic accessories such as Face-up Scanner and Network enabled Photo Copier.

Till date, WBSADTE has digitised about 116 rare books of the Library and 36000 glass and film records of the Photo Archives Wing.

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